Frequently Asked Questions


Is registration on this site required?
You do not have to register to watch episodes or rate downloads or comments, but you do need to register to post comments, submit private messages to other members, stop popups advertisments in new windows.

I registered in the past but cannot log in anymore!
The most likely reasons for this are: you entered an incorrect username or password. If you do remember your email or username visit lost password/username, Keep in mind that username and email are case-sensitive.

How do I update my avatar?
Click on your profile and look for Update Avatar. If you have the URL of the picture hosted in another website Past the Link Of The picture In The URL Field And Click on Submit, If you have the picture stored in your computer Click on the Browse button, select your avatar, and then click Upload.


I can't play any videos!
Make sure you have the latest version of your favorite web explorer, and that it support html5 and javascript.
You need to download and install Flash Plugin:
You need a video codec installed on your computer such as MpcStar:

The video doesn't play continuously; it starts and stalls every few seconds.
It is possible you have slow internet connection or are watching a video at peak traffic time. Certain free hosts will restrict bandwidth at peak time in favour of those using their paid subscription accounts, or those users within their domestic markets IP range. Pause the video and allow it to buffer for a while before resuming. If the problem is severe, try again at a different time of day or try another link.


How do I post my comments?
comments section is available at the bottom of the page of each series and episode pages. Click on Add Comment Button, Enter the title and your comment text, and then click on Add button.

How do I reply to another member's comment?
Click the add reply button positioned at the top of the right corner in the comment box of that member's post. A comment box will open. Write your reply and click add button when you are done. Please note that if the original post is deleted, all replies to it are automatically deleted as well.

How do I edit or delete my comments?
You can edit your posts at any time by clicking the Update Comment button for the relevant post. To delete a post, simply click on the Delete Comment button.

How do I rate an episode?
Each episode page contains an info tab with information about the episode. In that Tab you will notice five stars. Click on one of the five stars to rate the Episode (one is the lowest score, five is the highest).

I have noticed a bad comment posted by another member. What do I do?
click on the report spam button. Do not attempt to moderate the post yourself by posting a comment correcting the user(s).


How do I send a private message to another member?
Go to your profile, then click on Submit Message button, in the submit new message page enter: the username you want to send message to, the Subject and the text of the message, then click on submit, Nwebies are only allowed to send messages to admin.

I keep getting unwanted or abusive private messages!
If you keep receiving abusive private messages from someone, just spam one of that member messages then any new message from him will be automaticly marked as spam.

I can see the new message indicator, but I do not see new messages in my inbox.
first make sure your browser support javascript, then reload the page if it still exist inform the admin by private message.


Where can I view all the members?
You can view the top pro members "Admin and Moderators" and the newest users by clicking the Users tab at the top of the page.

How do I find a member who is not listed in the users page?
If you are searching for a specific member not listed in the users page, but you know his username, type the following information in your address bar:
replace "USERNAME" with the user username.